"Everyone is still talking about the experience. There's even a thread in the "Members" section regarding a more advanced driving class. You & Chris definitely knocked it out of the park... Rising Sun will be back! Thank you for having us. It was truly an eye opener for me and my driving/leadership skills jumped by leaps & bounds. Truth be told, I'm still processing a lot of it!!! "

– Travis Hurley
Cruise Moab Coordinator Committee, 2017

“What a fantastic course! Our heads are still reeling from the wealth of information received and the wonderful overall experience. What a complete BLAST!! …You are truly in your element and that definitely translates into every aspect of your course.”

– Peter & Sandy Larowe
Portland, OR – June, 2006
On the Road…Tillamook

“Bill, you clearly love what you do and are outstanding at it.”

– Peter & Sandy Larowe
Portland, OR – June, 2006
On the Road…Tillamook

“Your tips and techniques made the difference between years of hard, slow learning by failure and relatively rapid growth in capabilities. I also learned a lot about the capabilities and characteristics of the vehicle as well as things I do well and things I need to work on…”

– Peter & Sandy Larowe
Portland, OR – June, 2006
On the Road…Tillamook

“…bargain price to learn to 4×4 the right way.”

– C.Jorgenson
Carnation, WA, Sept 1998

“You have a knowledgeable, holistic approach that is informative without being intimidating, and made a beginner like me feel comfortable. We drove terrain that I would previously have thought to be impossible and made me turn back. Now, I feel more confident in knowing the capabilities of my vehicle, and my horizons and comfort zone have been greatly expanded. I learned more in two fun days than I would have learned in 2 years of driving on my own.”

– Eric Ball
Walla Walla, WA – Sept 2006
On the Road…Moab

“Even the most experienced off-roaders will gain valuable knowledge and skills.”

– Jayson Stangel

“Amazing. Incredible. Far beyond what I had expected. All these things come to mind to describe my weekend. For me, the biggest thing I took away was safety. Seeing the more serious rigs and what they could do was awesome, and practicing the techniques to overcome obstacles was incredible, too, but being safe in doing it is the glue that holds it all together. The other thing I was impressed with was you as a person. We’ve all met people that are experts in one area or another that are totally unapproachable and can’t be bothered talking to a beginner. You taking the time to explain things made all the difference.”

– Jayson Stangel

“…I was a little bit anxious, but I was comforted by the knowledge that my guide [Bill Burke] was the very best in the business.”

– Jayson Stangel

“Equal parts lighthearted and serious, Bill’s encouraging style and generous atta-boys inside the vehicle were exceeded only by his expert spotting ability when he got out. Suffice to say that, having successfully negotiated some of the hairiest off-road obstacles we’ve ever encountered in our 9,000-lb. 4WD Sportsmobile camper van under his watchful eye and patient guidance, we wish we could take Bill everywhere. The fact that he was a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with was just icing on the cake.”

– Alan Rider, 2005
Contributing Editor,
Westways/Journey/AAA World Magazines

“I’m glad I learned off-road driving correctly at the start instead of having to unlearn bad habits, and I really appreciated your insistence on safety.”

– Frank Buddenbrock
June 2002

“Great day and I really appreciate your calm and collected teaching method… I would recommend your classes to anyone who wants to learn about their truck while building skill and confidence.”

– Wally Weart
Denver, CO, June 2000

“An unforgettable experience with the best in the business!”

– Ray Wallace
California, 1999

“Members of Bill Burke’s 4-Wheeling America classes learn more than they thought they would about their vehicles and how to travel safely on potentially unsafe roads.”

– John Eaton
Columnist, Denver Post, May 1994

I4WDTA Certified Master Trainer

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